Knee Deep Cattle Company

Knee Deep Cattle Company is located in the mid Willamette Valley near the town of Coburg. The Willamette Valley has ideal grass growing climate. Plenty of rain and mild weather makes it perfect for growing grasses for grazing. Our Grass Fed cattle are raised on free range pastures containing grasses, clovers, mineral supplements and salt.

Knee Deep Cattle Company prides itself in our cattle and assures you quality beef, from birth to consumption we trace the history of each animal. From our ranch to your table we produce what the consumer wants to eat: Beef Grass Fed, just as cattle were meant to live in their natural environment, grazing on lush green Oregon pastures. Our cattle have continuous and unconfined access throughout their lives to these pastures and have never been confined to a feedlot where freedom to roam is limited.

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The Bread Stop

From Scratch. For You.

Our breads are made of natural or organic ingredients, are free of preservatives and additives, and are crafted in traditional methods involving yeast starters and sourdough. We are proud to support Oregon wheat farmers and Camas Country Mill by choosing their whole wheat flour that is grown in Oregon and milled (by ancient stone grist methods) right here in the Willamette Valley.

Today The Bread Stop Bakery offers a wide variety of products including breads, pizza dough, granola, cookies and hummus-style garbanzo spreads. The Bread Stop offers approximately 60 bakery produced products and supplies approximately 10 large chain stores, 30 independently operated stores, and 55 wholesale restaurants in numerous Oregon cities at locations in Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Corvallis, McMinnville, Cottage Grove, Roseburg and the Oregon Coast.

We are a team of about 30 hard working individuals whose mission is to produce healthful bakery products for the community; to uphold the art and craft of bread making; and to continually improve on our business to benefit our customers and the community.

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Café Mam

Since 1990, Café Mam (say 'mom') has been committed to sourcing only Fair Trade, organic and shade-grown coffee from indigenous cooperatives. Café Mam coffee is grown by native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. The growers, primarily of the Mam, Tzetzal and Mochó peoples, are organized according to egalitarian democratic ideals that emphasize hard work, responsibility to the cooperative, and high standards. The cooperatives' programs provide countless benefits to outlying native communities.

The farmers believe that by taking care of the soil, they are taking care of the entire biosystem. Their beliefs and sustainable approaches to agriculture benefit their communities in many positive ways. Café Mam farmers seek to conserve and rebuild the natural environment and work toward a higher quality of life for their families.

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BNF Kombucha & Jun

Kombucha and Jun are known to have billions (sometimes even trillions) of probiotics in addition to beneficial enzymes and acids. Real friends to our bodies! Scientific research has uncovered many great benefits to this magical beverage, all with less than half the sugar of most sodas and juices. Our mission is to craft a fantastic tasting kombucha using as many locally grown ingredients as possible. We believe the closer to home ingredients are grown, the better they are for us and our planet. So drink up and experience for yourself all the gifts your new friends have to offer!

Based in the health-conscious city of Eugene, Oregon, we are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients, and locally grown whenever possible. We also use fluoride-free filtered water in everything we brew. Our small batch brewing method produces unsurpassed quality in every bottle!

BNF Kombucha & Jun

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Elk Horn Brewery

686 E Broadway St.,

Eugene, OR 97401

Phone. 541-505-8356